Stop the unfair HST tax on psychotherapy

Did you Know?

  • Registered Psychotherapists are the only mental health practitioners in Ontario who are still required to collect HST from clients!
  • Social Workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Hypnotherapists and many other registered health professions have successfully lobbied for the removal of HST on their services

As a registered health profession, why are we the exception and not the rule? 

Now, it’s our turn to lobby for change!

Who We Are

A motivated group of volunteers have started a new grassroots campaign for the removal of HST on psychotherapy services.  Learn about us here.

We have been in contact with supportive MPPs and MPs (this tax is both federal and provincial) from all parties.

We developed a campaign with to help empower stakeholders. The campaign will offer an easy way for anyone to email new Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, to urge her to remove the HST from our services.

The Campaign to Remove HST

We will be launching a targeted campaign on social media with the hashtag: #stoptaxingmytherapy

You can use this Stop Taxing My Therapy Poster in your offices, online, or in social media, as desired.  The poster was designed by a volunteer, and the images are ethically sourced and cleared for widespread use.

Our intention is to provide materials that are clear, concise, and informative for RPs, clients, politicians, and other interested stakeholders.  It’s up to each individual RP to decide if and how you want to share resources within your unique alliance with each client.  For some clients, in some contexts, it may not be appropriate to share the materials. 

Links to information and resources can be found on our website.

An OSRP Initiative

This initiative began through the HST Removal task force at the OSRP.  We hope to build on the significant advocacy already performed by many psychotherapy associations, other groups, committed individuals and politicians.

There is a history of attempts to remove HST. These attempts  have been met with roadblocks from the Ministry of Finance.  As the provinces met the requirements for HST removal (e.g. all five provinces had to regulate the profession, which they did), the government moved the goal posts. The explanations for why RPs must continue to charge and pay HST have sounded, to some of us, like rationalizations for unnecessary tax collection.

It’s our view that the only way we are going to make our voices heard is if we stand together and spread the word, as our colleagues in Social Work and Clinical Psychology etc, have done.  We want this information about RPs having to charge HST to go viral and to be shared by stakeholders in every province. 

We know that mental health crises are on the rise due to the pandemic. Our government knows it, too.  They say they want to provide resources. One simple way to do this would be to stop taxing therapy.

And, importantly, the growing awareness of the many ways in which systemic racism, social injustice, and economic inequality have blocked – and continue to block – access to meaningful mental health supports, signals that it’s time to gain momentum and remove this financial barrier!

Join the Movement! Just click here and contact us!

If you have the energy to help with this initiative in any way – giving us feedback on materials, sharing them, suggesting who we could get in contact with to champion this cause, join the movement, and/or contact your own elected representative directly, we would welcome your input/efforts.

If the pandemic, your busy practice, and other demands on your time and activism require your full attention, we get it.  This campaign is intended to be an inclusive effort that we sincerely hope will benefit the profession, our clients and society at large.

Please leave your comments below or contact us here!

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Lanie · June 24, 2021 at 3:00 am

Great work, and thank you for continuing to move this forward! I have shared and had many colleagues and personal friends who are in therapy sign.

Have there been any updates since this was posted?

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